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What school leaders are saying

Pepe Gutierez, Principal, P.S. 274

“In the Bronx, New York, where the challenges for teachers are particularly demanding, results of the work being done by Vivian and Kitty are dramatically apparent. Now actively engaged in using Rounds groups, our corps of dedicated teachers has embraced this strategy to build a stronger learning community — strengthening collaboration, sharing their knowledge and skills to advance their students’ progress. Troen and Boles are immensely practical practitioners whose coaching on Rounds has made a difference in P.S. 274.”

Pepe Gutierrez
Principal, P.S. 274
Bronx, New York
Rabbi Marc Baker, Head of School, Gann Academy

“As a consultant and a thought partner, Vivian Troen was instrumental in helping to transform our school into a learning community. With Vivian’s guidance, our new teacher induction, mentoring and faculty rounds programs have become the engines of a culture in which our teachers continually learn and grow. As a Head of School, I learned from Vivian to see my school through a new lens, and this has powerfully informed my work as an educational leader.”

Rabbi Marc Baker
Head of School, Gann Academy
Waltham, Massachusetts
Donald Freeman, EdD, Associate Professor, School of Education, University of Michigan

“When we were developing a school-university partnership to teach foreign languages in rural elementary schools in Vermont, we turned to Vivian Troen and Kitty Boles to help with the design. We knew about their groundbreaking work in developing one of the first professional development schools in the country in Massachusetts. As workshop leaders, they were instrumental in helping to identify our strengths and concerns in order to build a shared vision. They wove together experiences and discussions that allowed us to surface issues and work through what we wanted to accomplish. The bonds we forged in that initial collaboration have provided a foundation for continuing professional work.”

Donald Freeman, EdD
Associate Professor, School of Education
University of Michigan
Former Director, Center for Teacher Education, Training, and Research
Graduate School for International Training in Vermont
Traci Walker Griffith, Principal, Eliot K-8 Innovation School, Boston Public Schools

“Our school has achieved success because of the attention to instruction and culture where Vivian & Kitty’s work has proven essential. Now, Rounds led by teachers is not just a passing fad, but an integral part of how we do our work on a day to day basis. The strength of our collaborative culture helps our teachers provide incredibly strong instruction to all of our students. In 2007, the Eliot was named one of the most underperforming schools in Massachusetts. But through focused work on instruction and incorporating Teacher Rounds, our school is now prospering and on the path to significant improvement.”

Traci Walker Griffith
Principal, Eliot K-8 Innovation School, Boston Public Schools
Boston, MA