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Vivian Troen


Kitty Boles


Teacher Teams

This series of workshops, with ongoing coaching and facilitation, will teach school leaders as well as teachers how to more effectively support the work of their peers as well as sharpen the focus on their own learning, that of their students and the relationship between the two. Principals will understand how to support their teacher teams by generating buy-in and directing resources to cultivate the teams.

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There needs to be a movement from individual to collective responsibility for student learning. But most schools are not set up to support teacher learning. The practice of Rounds provides such an opportunity. Rounds gives teachers the chance to share their expertise with their colleagues — both new and experienced — and helps establish and perpetuate a school culture in which teachers are learners who develop strategies for improving their own teaching.

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Mentoring/Teacher Induction

By building the quality of both beginning and experienced teachers, mentoring leads to school improvement. In these workshops, participants learn strategies and components necessary to create a high-impact induction program that results in improved teaching and learning. This workshop series guides teachers in developing and reflecting on their practice as mentors responsible for initiating a new teacher into the profession.

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