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The Power of Teacher Learning

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Vivian Troen & Katherine C. Boles

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Nationally and internationally known experts in the field of professional development, we offer teachers and principals real-world tools and techniques to enhance teachers’ effectiveness in classroom instruction through teaming, collaboration, and teacher rounds.

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We can help you and your school/district go from good to great

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20 Years of Experience and Research-Based Professional Development for Teachers and Principals to:

  • Improve the quality of instruction
  • Advance student learning
  • Align to the Common Core
  • Transform school culture

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by Troen & Boles

Who's Teaching Your Children?

“…merits serious consideration by everyone interested in improving public education.”

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The Power of Teacher Rounds

“…vivid and practical guidance for teachers, facilitators, and school leaders.”

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The Power of Teacher Teams

“…strategies for improving teacher effectiveness include parallel strategies for improving team effectiveness.”

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